Top minerals and how they are helpful to your health

You definitely know about the importance of taking lots of minerals in your daily diets. These minerals can be found in a lot of foods, but can also be acquired through supplements. However, do you know which minerals can help you to improve your respiratory health? People with difficulty in breathing often go through a tough time trying to survive.

Therefore, they need to find a way of boosting their lungs as well as the entire respiratory system so that they get enough oxygen into their body systems. Although there are many recommendations, here are the top minerals and how they are helpful to your health.

Top minerals and how they are helpful to your health


dfdtretretertertPeople who suffer from asthma are often advised to take foods that have a higher content of magnesium. Some of the most recommended foods include flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. The magnesium that is found in these foods often reacts with walls of the lungs thus making them to relax more. You will notice that after taking them, the patients tend to breathe more deeply without feeling any irritation.

To add to this, the magnesium gives a relaxing feeling to your brain thus relieving the patient of the stress that is often caused by breathing problems. To be sure of the best results, you need to move away from the tendency to use magnesia only when there is a problem, and start adding it to the list of minerals that you take daily.


Iron is known to oxygenate the body. It is an important mineral for people that live in areas with less than normal oxygen levels in the air. This is because when it gets into the blood system, it tends to trap every available oxygen molecule. It means that even when there are not enough amounts in the air that we breathe in, calcium can still help us to keep the right levels in the body systems. This ensures that the red cells do not get deprived and that the body organs have a constant supply. Iron can be found in a wide variety of foods including fish and beef.


dfdtretretertertCalcium is more of a transporter of oxygen and therefore, it is the reason everyone needs it. Those who suffer from respiratory problems may be in such conditions because there are not effective agents to supply oxygen to various body organs. As a result, even when they breathe properly, they still are deprived of oxygen.

When they take enough amounts of oxygen, they will be more likely to experience ease and relaxations thanks to the enhanced supply. The best part is that calcium is one of the easiest to find minerals because you can also get it in most of your grocery shopping.

There are many other minerals that you can rely on to improve your respiratory health. They include copper, zinc, and various others. In order to be sure of the best results, you have to know how to consume the right amounts, and how to prepare your foods so that you conserve them in every serving.