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Beat Cancer

Beat Cancer

How medical institutions in Europe help people with cancer to beat it?

There are many hospitals, research facilities, and universities in Europe dedicated to researching cancer, its many forms, different symptoms, treatment methods and the influence this medical condition has on the quality of life of not just the sick person, but his family and other people included in the treatment process.

When it comes to cancer the whole family is sick, because the fact that the whole process affects the rest of the family. Unfortunately, the recovering process is more than slow, and it takes a lot of effort to beat it.

The Netherlands – the leading country in the field of cancer research

clinic_doctor_L445One of the countries in the European union that has made headway in this research is The Netherlands, where doctors and scientists work together in order to achieve the best results: good input data and test subjects, proper testing procedures and scrupulous interpretation of the research results. This has to be done so the scientific method can ensure the validity of the conclusions. One of the recent studies concerning cancer was the study whose aim was to make a connection between physical activity and cancer prevention. The study was conducted on people of different age, social status, and quality of life and so on. The main goal was to study the effects of regular workouts and cancer risk reduction, both in men and women.

The research in Amsterdam

active-451648_454The study comprised mostly people in the Amsterdam area since here the scientist could find the greatest number of people who were willing to participate in the study and people of different gender, age, wealth, lifestyle, dietary habits and work out regimes. Amsterdam is a world city, in which many different people from many different cultures live so it was possible to include all of them in the research. The results have shown that regular physical activity, between moderate and strong, reduces the risk of 13 types of cancer, according to the study. It is estimated that 51 percent of adults in the Amsterdam are not engaged in physical activity as much as they should stay in good health. It was found that physical activity reduces the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer, but for other types of cancer, the results were not clear enough due to the small number of study participants.

woman-on-bicycleOf course, this does not mean that you have to be in superb physical shape to avoid an increased cancer risk. Regular work out, on a basic or intermediate level, can help you a lot. This would involve around 150 minutes of physical activity during the week, meaning a couple of swimming sessions, or a few bicycle rides or light jogging every two or three days. For example, the residents of the Red light district could simply jog to Westerpark or Willemspark every couple of days and benefit greatly from the workout they are getting.


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